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Financial support for football clubs in the Czech Republic

About Legal League


The Legal League brand was established in 2004 for a team of professionals who provided legal services to Czech football clubs and many clubs from other countries.

Among the first clients of the Legal League were FC Bohemians 1905, FK Slovan Liberec, Dynamo České Budějovice, and other well-known Czech clubs.
From the inception of our team until 2020, more
than 600 FIFA cases have been successfully
resolved with our participation.


In 2022, significant changes were made to the core FIFA Regulations. In conjunction with this, in 2023, our team created the latest unique methods of client service organization.

Our scientific methods of information management and flexible service terms allow our clients to feel confident in their income planning.


Purchase of receivables of an international nature from clubs.

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    Our services for football clubs

    Supporting the client in the process of preparing documents for the FIFA Clearing House

    – Complete analysis of the client’s eligibility for Training Reward;

    – Verification of club documents before submission to the FIFA Clearing House;

    – Claims Settlement.

    Representation of the Client’s interests before the Football Tribunal and FIFA juridical bodies

    – Transfer compensation disputes;

    – Disputes over payment of economic rights (sell-on);

    – Training Reward disputes outside the competence of the FIFA Clearing House.

    Development of partnership programs for clubs in relation to players

    – Analysis of players’ professional skills;

    – Methodological support of player transfers;

    – Financing of expenses related
    to transfers of the most promising players.