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How to begin. Step by step guide

Step 1. Inform us of your interest

If your club has made a decision to work with us on a specific case or sign a long-term contract, then, you need to inform us of your intentions.

If your club received a proposal from our central office in Donetsk, then we’ll ask you to email your agreement confirmation to us. This is the simplest and quickest way.

If your club received a proposal from our representative in your country, i.e., he preliminarily carried out negotiations with your club over the phone, then your agreement to work with us can be confirmed in any way, which is convenient for you, usually by phone.

Step 2. Discussion of the financial arrangements

Immediately after receiving your agreement confirmation, we will forward our financial terms and conditions. They differ for each sum of compensation, for each country and for each category of football club.

Step 3. Preparation of the contract

You can inform us of your agreement or refusal using communication methods mentioned above.

If you agree to work with us, then you need to email our central office the following necessary information for the preparation of the contract:

  • full name of the club, as stated in its charter;
  • position and full name of the person, authorized to sign the contract;
  • registered address of the club.

After receiving the above mentioned information, we will immediately fax or email you our signed contract. At the same time we will forward the original document by courier.

With these we will email you a copy of a power of attorney, which we must have in order to represent your club.

Step 4. Signing of the contract

After receiving your contract either by fax or email, you will have an opportunity to study it and to ask any questions you might have regarding its content. After your approval, both sides will have to sign the contract, and you’ll have to print the power of attorney on the club’s headed notepaper and sign it. The signed documents must be sent to our company’s central office by fax or, if this is not possible, by email.

At the same time, we will ask you to let us know the date when the player started training at the club and the date, when he left the club. This information, as a rule, is stored in the club’s archives. It is not always required, but can substantially accelerate the completion of any case.

As a rule, if our client is eager to complete the paperwork, the above mentioned process can take as little as 1 hour.

Further actions

Until the completion of the case, we actively exchange information with our clients. In rare cases, we may ask you to provide some additional documents as proof of a player’s connection with the club. Mainly, this information exchange consists of our reports about the case, which can be obtained either by email or by visiting our website direct.