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How to begin. Step by step guide

Step 1. Inform us of your interest

If your association (federation) is interested in working with our company, please inform us of your intentions by fax, and if this is not possible, by email.

Step 2. Discussion of the financial arrangements

Immediately after receiving your agreement confirmation, we will forward our financial terms and conditions. We offer minimum fees for our services to National Associations.

Step 3. Preparation of the contract

If we reach a mutual agreement on the financial terms and conditions, we will start to plan our visit to the headquarters of your association. It is necessary to have the following prepared:

  • appointment of an authorized person in the association, who will carry out the negotiations;
  • to set the precise date for conducting negotiations;
  • if your country is not in the Schengen zone, it will be necessary to send us an original invitation so that our representatives can obtain their visas.

We prefer to carry out negotiations with national associations at face to face meetings.

While preparing for the negotiations, we will email your national association our standard association contract, which can be studied provisionally.

Step 4. Signing of the contract

After receiving your contract, either by fax or email, you will have an opportunity to study it and to ask any questions you might have regarding its content. After your approval, both sides will have to sign the contract, and you will have to print a power of attorney on the association’s headed notepaper and sign it. The signed documents must be sent to our company’s central office by fax or, if this is not possible, by email.

Further actions

Of course, until the completion of the case, we will actively exchange information with our clients. In rare cases we can ask you to provide some additional documents as a proof of player’s connection with the club. Mainly, this information exchange consists of our reports about the case, which can be obtained either by email or by visiting our website direct.