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The advantages of working with us

System for information management

A special programme, which contains a large and constantly updated historical database, with the most up to date information about transfers and precedent documents for each situation. Full, complete reports are readily available.


Compensation calculations is the principal area of our expertise and business, we therefore have many opportunities to increase and update that knowledge and expertise.

Contact through a representative system

In some countries it is possible to obtain help and advice from our regional representative.

Knowledge of Swiss Law

International judicial (arbitration) organizations, located in Switzerland, including various FIFA and CAS bodies, are most frequently guided by local legislation.

Flexible pricing policy

The large number of cases, which we deal with, allow us to keep our prices to a minimum.

Many years of experience

Our years of experience have allowed us to gain a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of compensation calculations. We are also sure, that our company is able to cooperate with clubs for many years to come.

Quality of our services: 5 star service every time
Comparison table
Service options available for the National Associations
Assessment criteria
Legal League
The Lawyer of the National Football Association (Federation)
An Independent Lawyer
Accessibility of information

Detailed study of a player’s career history based on:
- data stored within the national association,
- data stored within the player’s originating club,
- information from witnesses.

Furthermore, as a rule, we know how to obtain detailed information about a player’s transfer; therefore we know precisely how to conduct the case even before it commences.

We constantly monitor the transfer market, in order to promptly identify the sums of compensation, which can be received by our potential clients.

He has direct access to the documents of his national association and also can obtain documents from the archives of the player’s originating club. Nevertheless, he might not have access to detailed information about the current transfer status of the player.

It’s not his responsibility to monitor the transfer market.

The overwhelming majority of independent lawyers do not have their regional representatives in other countries. This complicates information exchange between national associations and football clubs, and in some cases prevents successful completion of a compensation claim.

Quality and expertise

Our company’s expertise is based on the large number of successful cases, and constant monitoring of judicial practice. This ensures the high quality of our procedural documentation, which we prepare as part of our clients legal defence.

His duties in the Association are many and varied; therefore he does not have:
- time to thoroughly study the judicial process of similar disputes,
- experience gained by completing a large number of similar cases.

Some lawyers, connected with sports, have significant experience in similar legal proceedings. At the same time, such experience can hardly be called comprehensive, since dealing with compensation claim is not their main activity.


We have created a clear structure for conducting compensation cases. This allows for any changes in the situation and is based on standard documents, the calendar and our own system of information management. This makes it possible to quickly prepare very complex documents for any client. Furthermore, we can be contacted 18 hours a day and normally we will respond to all queries within 24 hrs.

An Association Lawyer deals with a large number of other, sometimes more important cases. This forces him to delay procedural actions, connected with compensation calculations.

Since the lawyer is personally interested in the quick completion of the case, he can promptly prepare the necessary documents to high quality standards. Therefore, not every law firm employs highly skilled professionals, who are able to ensure daily operational efficiency.

Cost of services

Since we run a large number of compensation cases, we use a flexible system of calculation for the costs of our services, which connects the sum of compensation with the physical and intellectual expenditure. It also depends on whether it’s a long-term cooperation with the client. Thus, our income depends on the number of cases we run, not the amount of fees we receive. It allows us, sometimes, to reduce our fee to 1-3% from the sum of compensation. Also we frequently cover the costs of court fees. This way we not only free our client from excess expenditure, but also we accept the financial risk if the case fails.

If an Association hires a specialist lawyer, only responsible for dealing with compensation cases, then it will result in unjustifiable expenditure. Indeed, the volume of compensation payments is not constant. If no such payments are being received in a year, this lawyer will be receiving wages irrespective of his work.

At the same time the Association, which seeks compensation, is forced to incur judicial expenses, and consequently, bears the costs if the case is lost.

Their fees are often quite high. Furthermore, other independent lawyers rarely bear legal expenses of their clients. Therefore, the football club (association) is forced to bear the costs of damages if the case has been lost.


Our company has been operating in the sports legal services market for many years. Our aim is to remain in this market for many years. We can not imagine any circumstances, which would force us to end our juridical collaboration with the football clubs and football associations.

An Association (Federation) Lawyer can be dismissed by the management of the club or he could resign. In either case, this can delay the claim for a long period of time or even permanently stop it.

Lawyers, who receive a lucrative job offer, can be re-trained. Independent sports lawyers are usually available on a daily basis, except for those days when they are out of the office or on annual leave.