Jail sentences for match fixing


Anyone found guilty of match fixing or corrupting the betting outcome of a sporting event could face up to 10 years jail, under new legislation introduced by the NSW state government.

Minister for Sport and Recreation, Graham Annesley (above) said the new penalties will serve as a deterrent to those involved in corruption in sport.

“There is no bigger threat to the integrity of sport than match-fixing and this legislation will ensure anyone involved in the industry is sent a very strong message about the risks and consequences,” Annesley said.

“NSW is the first jurisdiction in Australia to introduce these tough new penalties.

“Sport is big business these days and it would be naive of any government to think sport is immune to corrupt conduct.

“NSW is setting the benchmark and will ensure anyone convicted will face severe penalties,” Mr Annesley warned.

The proposed Crimes Amendment (Cheating at Gambling) Bill 2012 will see a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment for anyone found to have engaged in or facilitated conduct that corrupts the outcome of an event.

Mr Annesley added: “The new legislation will be the linchpin of a national approach to ensuring the integrity of sport is protected.”