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Our personnel

Vyacheslav Bytsanev

General Director of Premier League Consulting LTD
Member of the board of directors of Legal League
Licensed Solicitor

Yuriy Serdyuk
Head of legal department
About him

Master of law, he has a deep knowledge of football, normative documents of football organizations, judicial practice and precedents. He is the author of the technical solutions in the field of organization of business processes and information management.

Carried out tasks

Planning and management of the work of company lawyers.
Preparation of highly important documents.
Dealing with clients, coordination of work of the company’s representatives.

Julia Serbina
International relations coordinator
About her

Professional linguist. Fluent in Spanish, English, Italian, German and Portuguese languages. Has vast work experience in football and sports law. Knows football specifics well and normative documents of football organizations, and also specifics of sports law.

Carried out tasks

Deals with clients and company’s representatives, compiles and translates documents. Logistic duties, organisation of trips abroad and negotiations. Organisation of scientific seminars and conferences.

Irina Govdan
Accounts manager
About her

Master of economics. Has vast experience managing corporate finances and investments.

Carried out tasks

Manages company’s assets, as well as billing the clients. Develops and implements the investment strategies of the company.

Inna Serbina
Manager of statistical bases
About her

Technical Degree. Knows normative documents of football organizations well and the organisation of football.

Carried out tasks

Creates information bases and analyses statistical data. Controls structural changes within the national football associations.