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Partnership programme

The success of any international company depends on the presence in its structure the developed network of representatives in different regions. Such representation ensures finding a rapid solution to the specific tasks facing the company, a much closer connection with clients, a more detailed study of the problems, which appear in the process of business activity and finding the right solutions to them.

We understand the importance of such aspect of international business activity. This is why our company attempts to develop its own program, directed toward the creation of effective representation in the countries, where our clients are located.

We do everything possible to ensure that the representation of our interests largely has a nature of the relationship between partners, which, in the course of time, become more confidential. We are convinced that only partners, united by the same objectives and common aims, can achieve success only by combining their efforts. Therefore, we are always glad to acquire new business contacts within the framework of our program and focus all our aspirations on them. Furthermore, our system of partnership is able to create stable foundation for the development of other football related projects.

At present moment we distinguish between two areas of representation within the framework of the program of partnership. Each area has specific tasks and in our opinion, it’s impossible for one person to deal with both areas.

Technical representation

Our company invites people with professional experience in the field of football and those, who know the specific character of football as a whole, for technical collaboration. The proposed activity could be largely of interest to the managers of amateur football clubs, to the player’s agents or to former players, who have not broken their connection with football, or to entrepreneurs, who run their own small business.

Specific feature of technical representation is the fact, that this work is not time consuming and doesn’t require a lot of effort. It can be described as an additional occupation and involves making phone calls within the country. You’ll be contacting us through the Internet (mainly in the evenings). Such representation is not the source of a steady, stable income and depends on the activity of our company in a certain country. Main tasks of such representation include:

  • the search for contacts within the clubs we are interested in, and, sometimes, possible meetings with the managers of these clubs;
  • circulation of documents with selected football clubs and information exchange;
  • contacts with the national association (federation) and the regional football associations (unions, federations).

Technical representation is achieved on a contractual basis, between our company and a representative. This contract also determines the financial conditions of representation.

Legal representation

Representation of this type can only be achieved by those, who have a law degree and have work experience in jurisprudence. This activity does not have a permanent nature and therefore is only financed if our company is active in the country of representation. Therefore, young, independent lawyers, who are eager to advance their professional career and who are prepared to study sports law and unique character of football will be our preferred choice for the legal representation.

The main aim of legal representation is to represent our company’s clients at arbitration of the national association. This activity, in the future, can help our representatives to become members of such arbitration, which, undoubtedly, is a good achievement in their career progression.

Of course we do not want our partnership in the field of law to be limited to only practical aspects. Since our company stresses the importance of studying jurisprudence as a science, we are willing to offer our representatives participation in our scientific research. We are convinced, that without scientific research, full-fledged juridical practice cannot exist; therefore we are prepared, in every way possible, to contribute to the growth of scientific knowledge of our partners.

The Legal representation of our company is also achieved on the basis of existing contract.