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General information


The history of our company began in Ukrainian city of Donetsk, which is one of the country’s largest sports centres, rich in traditions and history. Donetsk is well known because of the number of large international sporting tournaments, such as tennis, equestrian games, pole vault competitions and others, which take place there. Three first division football clubs and many amateur football clubs are located in the Donetsk region.

These surroundings formed an understanding of the essence of sport and also an understanding of the role of jurisprudence in the regulation of this form of human activity in Donetsk based licensed solicitor Vyacheslav Bytsanyov.

FC Bohemians Prague. (FK Bohemians 1905 Prague) 2004. From left to right: Ing. Emil Buřič (GES Invest corp.), Solicitor Vyacheslav Bytsanyov, Jiří Steinbroch (MD of the club)

FC Victoria Plzen (FK Victoria Plzen) 2004. From left to right: JUDr. Ladislav Valášek (President of the Club), Solicitor Vyacheslav Bytsanyov

While working as a practising solicitor in football Vjacheslav Bytsanjov in 2003 joined the association of sports lawyers Legal League, which delegated him the right to participate in football related disputes.

In the year 2004 the Legal League started working actively in the field of football. The first clients of Legal League were Czech, Croatian and Rumanian football clubs and we won all their cases. We formed especially close working relationships with our Czech clients.

An increase in the number of our clients caused the need of creating a team of professionals and unification of operational methods. As a result in 2005 Premier League Consulting LTD was created and later we became a corporate member of Legal League.

Besides providing practical services, our company pays enough attention to scientific collaboration, in particular with authoritative T.M.C. Asser Instituut from Netherlands. This collaboration covers scientific publications, discussions of the most important issues of sport jurisprudence, participation in the events, sponsorship and so forth. In 2008 T.M.C. Asser Instituut and Premier League Consulting LTD organized in Donetsk a seminar for the lawyers of football clubs.

The technical base of our company also has its own history. The methods of information management evolved from the electronic tables to the complex and specialized software products. For instance, in 2010 we created a program complex “Gidra”, which is intended for collection and analysis of statistical data, control of the flow of outgoing and incoming data, creation of the current reports for our clients, unification and work planning of our company.

During the entire history of our activities in the field of football law, Legal League has successfully completed hundreds of cases, and those cases, which were proved to be futile are few and far between. Therefore, we are rightfully proud of our achievements and the fact that at the present moment, the company’s technical, scientific and financial base is sufficient enough not only for offering our services to football clubs, but also to national football associations.

FC Most (FK Most) 2004 From left to right: Ing. Petr Kabíček (Chairman of the Board), Solicitor Vyacheslav Bytsanyov, Jiří Petr (representative of Legal League in Czech Republic)

Seminar in the house of football (Ukrainian Football Federation). Kiev 2007. From left to right: Dr. Robert Siekmann (Director of the International Sports Law centre T.M.C. Asser Instituut), solicitor Vjacheslav Bytsanjov, Roberto Branco Martins (PROAGENT of comp.)


Our help in specific business processes is a starting point in building a relationship with our clients. In other words, we identify the area of their secondary business, which requires an increase in a professional approach, something, which is not currently being achieved by our client. We are aware that our client cannot always pay enough attention to the auxiliary aspects of his businesses.

However, if our help will allow such processes to become 100% effective, then this will have a positive effect on the main business area of our client. Thus, we give our client the possibility to concentrate on reaching his main objectives.

While implementing the principles indicated above, we utilized the following supporting points:

  • honesty with all members of football community;
  • confidence in our clients;
  • responsibility for the successful and fast completion of their cases, while providing high quality service.

Future projects

By relying on the philosophy of our company, we can steadily move on with expansion of our services. Most interesting and, at the same time promising, for us are consulting services that we offer in the field of football. From our point of view, these are interconnected, sequential projects, which, just like our current project, can make a contribution to the evolution of the organisation of football.

At the present moment our company works on the project, the aim of which is to offer consultations to the football clubs with respect to the effective employment of football coaches. The first step towards the realization of this project must be, without a doubt, the creation of the methodology, which allows us to produce a full and clear idea about the coach, as well as maximum unification and the possible automation of this process.

How does one appraise a coach? Is it possible to make a comparative analysis of two or more coaches, and to select the most suitable for the specific team?

In our opinion, it is possible, if we divide the analysis into two major parts:

  1. General overview of the coach, including the determination of all characteristics, which would give a complete idea about his professionalism and methods, practiced by him.
  2. The statistical and mathematical evaluation of the previous activity of the coach, which makes it possible to determine the dynamics of his career, and also to forecast the effectiveness of his work with various teams.

At present moment we have completed all these tasks. Although this is only the first stage of the project, but its completion already gives us the possibility to offer these services to the football clubs only (at least for the time being).