About us

An association of sports lawyers the “Legal League” – is a group of lawyers, practising in the field of sports law. One member of this association is the Ukrainian company Premier League Consulting LTD, which deals specifically with the football related legal issues for the Legal League.

Therefore, this website not only covers the legal work of Legal League, but also Premier League Consulting LTD, whose activities include football related services. On the pages of this website the expression “our company” largely refers to the team of specialists in the sports jurisprudence and sports consulting fields.

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Our clients

National Associations - 3      Football clubs - 77:       Rangers International FC      SK Dynamo České Budějovice      FC Bohemians 1905      Liberty Professionals FC      Union Sportive De Douala      Spartak Moscow      FC Nitra      FK Dukla Banská Bystrica      Volyn Lutsk      Julius Berger FC      Bendel Insurance FC     
Is it possible to evaluate a football coach’s performance using mathematical methods?

Mission Statement

The mission of our company is to offer legal services and representation in cases, which deal with compensation payout in football.

In contrast with other companies and independent lawyers we

  • fully utilise scientific methods of information management;
  • utilise the newest methods of customer service organization;
  • create very flexible conditions of service, which allow our clients to feel comfortable and confident.

We never stand still. Each day of our activity increases the quality of our services and our client numbers. Such a balanced growth ensures our stability.

We started working on football related issues a long time ago and we are not planning to leave this field. Therefore, we are obligated to look into the future; this sets a new challenge for us: to contribute to the creation of a simple, transparent and reliable system of compensation payouts.

You can learn more about our methods from the chapter “Legal Services” in the main menu.

Our partners

special website design for football clubs
The branding experts
brand creation services, effective growth strategies
Aspalathos. Le Meridien, Split
provision of training facilities in Croatia
Darlington Sports
consulting services for professional football players, services of the licensed agent for African players.
T.M.C. Asser Institute
leading academic inter-university Institute for Law in Netherlands.